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CD/DVD Packaging

cd jewel case packaging

CD AND DVD PACKAGING - ZEI Media Plus / Neulogic offers a full line of packaging solutions, including paper and tyvek sleeves; single and double jewel cases as well as custom made packaging.

THE BOOKLET - The booklet is seen through the front of the jewel case. It usually contains disc information, getting started instructions, and other related information.

The Tray Card/Inlay is seen through the back of the jewel case. It usually contains graphics and some information about the disc.

ZEI Media Plus / Neulogic uses a shrink tunnel for shrink-wrapping any type of small package. Whether you need to shrinkwrap CDs, DVDs or assemble products for the retail industry we have the solution. Our shrinkwrap machines are able to process large quantities of products very quickly so you can be assured that your products will be delivered on time.

You need to combine two or more smaller packages into a multi-pack, you want to repackage products that have been returned by the retailer. We have that solution for you.

ZEI Media Plus / Neulogic offers a complete repackaging solution through our overwrapping services. Using only high quality plastics and overwrap machinery we provide the best quality packaging solutions for CDs, DVDs or any other small packaged products.